How to save up for a vacation

If you’re the one who always hits ‘like’ on the posts that say “If traveling were free, you’d never see me again!” – You’ve just reached a post that is tailor-made for you. So dear aspiring globe-trotter, if you wish to have enough money to tick off those destinations on your bucket list – here’s what you get to do! Read on:

Travel Goal

Create an account
How about creating a separate account that’s dedicated to traveling? Imagine the scenario – your salary is credited to your salary account, and at the same time, your travel fund gets credited with a certain percentage of your salary! It will just happen – you won’t even feel the pinch or struggle to save later! An easy and effective way to keep that travel fund alive and growing!

Fix your travel goals
To know how much you got to save, you first need to have your travel goals in place. Make sure you have a bucket list full of your travel goals ready – and draft an approximate budget which you would require to make your dreams come true. This will give you the incentive to save and also an approximate idea of how much to save.

The spare change jar
Well, the change lying idly around your home will work wonders if you store them well! How about having a spare change jar in your home in which all the change – just lying around in your home goes? This may seem to be a lame idea, but when you actually open up the jar, you will realize the treasure you have accumulated over a period of time! And then? Add this to your travel fund – it will be like a bonus!


Look out for opportunities
There are many organizations and websites out there which offer free trips for travelers who are also blessed with the skill to document their travel diaries, So if you are a passionate writer, make sure you look for such opportunities which help you to follow both your passions together. And hey, you get an opportunity to travel free of cost – just jump at the chance!

Travel smart
When you travel, make sure you have chosen the smart and cheaper options – right from he tickets to the accommodation to other important travel expenses. If you cut down smartly in these expenses, you will be able to add up the save money from this trip to the fund that goes to sponsor your next trip!

Happy Globetrotting!

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