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  • Ever since the credit cards came in existence, it came with a boon and a bane. Sure, it solves multiple problems when you lack cash and finances at present and require to spend somewhere in an emergency. You can quickly pay the bills later but does that take off the burden? People start carrying the weight of paying the bills on their all-around shoulder way, they give the burden more than ever and the signs of this start being visible on the faces of people, clearly showing they are going through debt fatigue. If this becomes a condition, and not for just once but starts happening every month when you have to pay the bills and interests, it is an alarming situation that must immediately change your debts habit. You must begin working through the obligations and dig off your way out.   Paying Few ways, suggesting how can improve your debt habits are enlisted below:

    Facing your fears:

    If you are thinking to get rid of your bills just by throwing them away and not considering them to be paid, then you are wrong because bank and others know how to take money from you in their ways which might not be the way you would ever want to deal with. Hence, make this thing out for better and instead accept and take responsibility for what you owe. Once you would realize it is better to understand the mistake and work to improve it, it is possible to pay the debts more straightforwardly. Because you only have two options by the end, either to change the lifestyle or stay in the bankruptcy forever.

    Follow the hierarchy to payback:

    It is suggested to follow the regime to pay the debts back by making an account of the loans you have taken all along. Pay the loans which are applying highest interest rates and are non-deductible first, then the ones with lower interest rates and at last the ones where you have to pay the tax-deductible loan. You must lock out all the credit cards for emergency purposes and stop using them in daily life on priority.

    Review your expenses:

    You must check on to the payments by getting the detail of where you spent and make a note of where you spent uselessly and where you must cut down the expenditure. That will give you a report of your lousy behavior and will create a scope for improvement. Once you get the story, check the accounts which are pulling down the ratings of your response and it once you would get not of it, it takes just two or three late payments to turn your flag from red to green, and you are good to go.

  • If you're the one who always hits ‘like' on the posts that say "If traveling were free, you'd never see me again!" – You've just reached a post that is tailor-made for you. So dear aspiring globe-trotter, if you wish to have enough money to tick off those destinations on your bucket list – here's what you get to do! Read on: Prague Create an account How about creating a separate account that's dedicated to traveling? Imagine the scenario – your salary is credited to your salary account, and at the same time, your travel fund gets credited with a certain percentage of your salary! It will just happen – you won't even feel the pinch or struggle to save later! An easy and effective way to keep that travel fund alive and growing! Fix your travel goals To know how much you got to save, you first need to have your travel goals in place. Make sure you have a bucket list full of your travel goals ready – and draft an approximate budget which you would require to make your dreams come true. This will give you the incentive to save and also an approximate idea of how much to save. The spare change jar Well, the change lying idly around your home will work wonders if you store them well! How about having a spare change jar in your home in which all the change - just lying around in your home goes? This may seem to be a lame idea, but when you actually open up the jar, you will realize the treasure you have accumulated over a period of time! And then? Add this to your travel fund – it will be like a bonus! Prague Look out for opportunities There are many organizations and websites out there which offer free trips for travelers who are also blessed with the skill to document their travel diaries, So if you are a passionate writer, make sure you look for such opportunities which help you to follow both your passions together. And hey, you get an opportunity to travel free of cost – just jump at the chance! Travel smart When you travel, make sure you have chosen the smart and cheaper options – right from he tickets to the accommodation to other important travel expenses. If you cut down smartly in these expenses, you will be able to add up the save money from this trip to the fund that goes to sponsor your next trip! Happy Globetrotting!

  • Saving money is an essential aspect of life – if you want to reap the benefits of all your efforts and make sure you do so for a longer time, savings are just what you need to do. And it's best you ingrain this habit of saving since a very young age itself - and it's your responsibility to make sure your kids culminate this habit into themselves since the very beginning itself. And how to do it, you may wonder – here are a few tips which you can use to make your kid used to saving right now itself. Read on: Teaching

    Pay them:

    Assign a nominal amount of money to your kid for whatever task he completes. For example, you could pay them for watering the plants, for doing the dishes or other such household chores – this will not only make them understand money's worth but also to know that money is earned only by working hard and with efforts.

    Maintain an account:

    Get a colorful notebook and explain to your kid how they can maintain their accounts – let them know how they can note down the amounts they earn and for what they spend the amounts they have earned. This will help them know the importance of every penny they earn and spend.

    Piggy banks work wonders:

    The anticipation when you have to break open your piggy bank that's filled with money is just perfect – so why not use this to make your kids habituated to saving? Get a small piggy bank for starts – a colorful, appealing one will work best and teach your kids to put money into it –whenever they save, or it is given to them.


    Let your kids save up for that toy car or dollhouse they wanted so badly – the joy of saving up and purchasing something for yourself is just incomparable! So let them create a small little fund for the tiny little things they want to buy. If your child is sincerely saving towards this goal and is falling short of a little amount, acknowledge your child's effort and pitch in some money by yourself. This will not only make them happy but also teach them the value of money. Teaching kids the right habits at the right age will be beneficial for them in the longer run – it may be a bit difficult at the start to get them used to this habit, but making a start is always great!

  • Interest rates are exorbitant

    Payday lenders lend funds according to and to the determined APR or Annual Percentage Rate. Such fixed interest rates are to be followed throughout the entire year. For example, paying interest rates throughout the year for 5000 percent or more is not surprising and quite typical.

    Lenders gain access to your bank account

    Through the functionality of the CPAs or continuous payment authorities, the majority of payday lenders are able to access your bank account and collect reimbursements of borrowed funds from your debit card. Often, such repayments are made with or without your knowledge. It can often become inconvenient in time as it is easy to set up but difficult to cancel.

    You possess the right to cancel payments

    From November of 2009, if you call your bank and request your bank to cancel any CPAs, they are legally obliged to do so. All you have to do is mention the name of your lender and the bank will take cancel any repayments of the said lender. In cases where payments are made even after your request, the bank is obliged to refund such amounts to you.

    What about friends or family

    It is recommended to seek any sort short term financial help your friends and family which can be reimbursed in monthly installments, before considering any payday loan from lenders who charge high-interest rates.

    Other lenders may be a better option

    Other short term financial lenders such as banks and credit unions are a better bet considering they offer required funds for those with poor credit rating and moreover help with the repayments making it more affordable.

    Payday loans are intended for very short purposes

    A payday loan offers short term funds to the borrower and is to be expected to be repaid in wholesome at the next payday. However, reports suggest that due to the lack of sufficient time, borrowers often fail to repay the entire sum on the said date and instead borrow from other sources just to pay off interests, pushing them into a debt trap.

    Look before you loan


    It is imperative you determine the right figure after calculating the total amount, including significant interest to be repaid before you even avail the borrowings from the lender. This is a practical step to help you avoid and suffer less financial strain on reimbursements of borrowed funds.

    Ensure you can afford to pay back

    Tend to check your current credit situation by merely evaluating and comparing all your expenses and revenue flowing in, and accordingly making decisions to increase your income or cut down costs in order to afford the reimbursements.

    If you don't repay, you may be harassed

    Lenders tend to harass the borrowers for the pending payments by often calling them numerous times in a day or contacting you by other means.

  • Most of the people around, and even you – must be entirely relying on financial experts to make all your financial plans. Charting out a financial plan is not an easy task – but if you know the ins and outs of it, you will be able to best chart out your financial plan for yourself. So why wait till you find someone to plan your finances – here are a few reasons why being financially literate is a big deal:

    To create your budget:

    Who knows your incomes and expenses better than your yourself? So the first step about being financially literate is that you can easily chalk down your incomes and expenses, maintaining an account will help you a lot – and doing it regularly will help you maintain a systematic account of your inflows and outflows. A proper budget will aid you in maintaining a proper appropriate estimate of your requirements.

    Economic know-how:

    The economy is not stable – there are a lot of fluctuations every single day. So if you don't keep up with the pace, it isn't really of any use for you. You need to keep up with the ups and downs of the economy and have the ability to adapt your financial planning according to the whims of the economy. And keeping yourself updated is always great – so attempt to learn something new every day.

    Control your debts:

    If you know the intricacies of your finances, you won't ever fall in the trap of debt. This is because you'll be in a position to analyze and understand the calculations which are decisive factors in making decisions related to debts. So if you are in the position to know and understand these calculations, you will never be worried about how to repay those debts.

    No one can fool you:

    Well, it may sound funny, but being financially literate, no one can con you. Most of the times you see people cheating other non-specialists with ponzy schemes and other money doubling schemes – if you are financially literate, no one can possibly fool you when it comes to finances. Also, you will be in the position to analyze and work out the proposition put forth in front of you. You won't fall for the way these schemes are marketed and made to appear lucrative – because you know what they're based on!

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